Minority Truckers Alliance

We Have 30 Years Of Experience In Diversity Transportation

Increased Access To Larger Shippers

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Members Save on Fuel, Tires And More

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We Have 30 Years Of Experience In Diversity Transportation

Gain Access To Freight You Never Knew Existed

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Minority Truckers Best Gateway To More Freight

Certified NMSDC or Self Certified? You Are Welcome

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Experience & Access to Freight

Why You Should Join Us

Fortune 100 Companies

Loads are available from Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Stop hunting load boards and get access to large contracts such as: Walmart, John Deere, Smithfield Meats, and more

Cost Savings

No need to factor or wait to get paid. You get paid once delivery receipt has been uploaded. Cut pay time in half with our program

Transport Optimization

Enrollment includes where you would like to work as well as what types of equipment you have. Access to large companies with multitude of freight

Team Experience

Our team has over 30 years contracting and moving as a Minority Owned Transporter. We know all the operational processes and are experts in your corner

Free: Prime Advantage +

Save an average of $0.52 per gallon, Tire discounts and more. Saving thousands per year is included in your membership. Reduce your operating costs


Are Minority Truckers In The US

NMSDC Certified for 30 years

Minority Truckers Alliance

Providing Privileged Benefits To Support Your Dynasty

Increase Customer Base
Freight To Your Network


Years Of Experience

The Minority Truckers Alliance was founded with a vision to create a more inclusive and empowered future in the trucking industry. Our founder saw the need for a platform where minority truckers could access opportunities previously out of reach.

Join now and let's get you loaded with freight.