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Minority Truckers Alliance Overview

Minority Truckers Alliance was founded by Lee Hampton, a minority owned transporter with over 30 years working with diversity managers and Fortune 100 companies. His vision was to introduce a way for minority transporters to get shipments without having to navigate the rigorous steps needed to be verified and find loads. He has worked with Diversity Managers for many years and knows this is an untapped market for Minority Owned businesses trying to build their business.

Let his expertise and the team he has built, take away the pressures of securing contracts and navigating capacity.

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One of North Americas Leading Minority Owned Contract Logistics Provider

The Minority Truckers Alliance stands as a testament to the collective power and potential of unity in the freight transportation sector. Our core mission is to unlock new opportunities for member companies, opportunities that may remain elusive for individual entities operating in isolation.

This Alliance serves as a crucial bridge, connecting smaller trucking companies with major shippers that demand substantial volume commitments and advanced IT infrastructure – requirements often beyond the reach of smaller firms. Through the strength of our collective, bolstered by our company’s extensive experience, we empower each member company to confidently engage with any shipper.

In joining the Minority Truckers Alliance, your company gains access to a reservoir of knowledge and support, designed to level the playing field in this competitive industry. We invite you to harness the power of collaboration and experience the transformative impact of our Alliance. Together, we can redefine the landscape of freight transportation.

Discover more and join us in this journey at www.minoritytruckersalliance.com. Your participation is not just an investment in your company’s future, but a step towards shaping a more inclusive and equitable industry.