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The Minority Truckers Alliance was founded with a vision to create a more inclusive and empowered future in the trucking industry. Our founders, with over 30 years experience, are seasoned veterans in the field. Seeing the need for a platform where minority truckers could access opportunities previously out of reach. Let’s get you loaded with freight.

Our team will load match your company with freight. Increase your business up to 44%

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Our team matches you with freight in your service area

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During enrollment, list what your equipment is to load match

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Save thousands with our partners. Lower operating $

Going Beyond the Usual

When you get memberships in other groups, do they get you freight? Are they your advocates and help you grow your business? MTA does. Let's stand together and grow as an alliance.

Minority Truckers Alliance is the only solution to your growth in this ever changing landscape. More freight, lower operating costs and quick pay is how you will succeed with MTA


Are you ready to skyrocket your business success and slash your expenses? Look no further!

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MTA is supported by a team of seasoned professionals to help you get loads, get certification or anything else to help you grow your business.

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